Part III

Rainforests Solutions
Creating A Unity Of One Percent

"After the final no
There comes a yes
And on that yes
The future of the world depends."
Wallace Stevens

We believe the only way to stop this endgame is by creating a unity of one percent of people who truly realize 100% that we are about to go extinct. When this 1% understand and believe, they become like a tuning fork that resonates at a frequency that transmits and brings this awareness to the other 99%.

This critical mass spontaneous combustion of awareness goes by quite a few different names. You may know it as Universal Consciousness, the 100th Monkey Theory or the brilliant new science called Morphic Resonance. What ever you want to call it, the phenomenon works. We need to reach the masses to get through to the 1% with this knowledge and information and we need to reach them very quickly.

The intent of the LOVEARTH Network is to lovingly create this Unity of 1% through the development of hundreds of environmental, humanitarian and educational websites. These websites are in the areas most important to help humanity become aware of the magnitude of the destruction that we are doing to life sustaining ecosystems. They will awaken humanity to all of the wonderfully brilliant ideas and solutions that are still possible to save our species dance on the stage of life.

These websites are in the following areas: environment, education, renewable energies, overpopulation, science, politics, technology, computers, world history, alternative and holistic medicines, religion, humor, children, social and humanitarian issues, health and nutrition, meditation, fitness, the arts, love, peace, holistic, organic, music and many more categories.

We know that to disseminate this urgent environmental message the most efficient way is the Internet. This is the perfect medium and we believe the only medium left to effectively create the awareness and reach the greatest number of people, in the shortest amount of time. The number of people on the Internet on average has doubled every year for the last 11 years and is expected to keep growing exponentially for the next decade or more. It is the last avenue for free speech that the corporations don't yet fully control.

We are aware that the TV, computer and phone will merge into a single communication center within just 2 to 4 years. We also realize, and this is so very important, that every website will be just like a television channel because of new technologies such as full motion video, ever increasing bandwidth and constant improvements in compression of software. Computers with cable modems are now capable of getting moving images off the Internet and within 4 years a website will be almost the same as a TV channel today.

The LOVEARTH Network of hundreds of websites plans to take full advantage of these technologies. We will be offering creative and well documented quality ideas and information with a wide ranging scope. This information will first go up as text and pictures and then on real audio on all websites. We then want to have, as soon as possible, the best worldwide ideas, documentaries, exposes and lectures on video, available upon demand on the LOVEARTH Network.

One of our immediate goals is to make a film of every living Nobel Laureate who signed the 1992 document World Scientist' Warning To Humanity. Each would give a two minute answer to the questions: When do you believe Omega Point will occur? Why? And what would be your solutions to avoid this? From these two minute clips an in depth film will be put together featuring each Nobel Laureate’s statements to this, the number one issue facing humanity.

There is nothing more important for you to realize in your life. We are about to go extinct as a species. This is why the LOVEARTH Network needs your support today. Only by working together can we put up this essential network of hundreds of environmental, humanitarian and educational websites, creating the awareness to form the Unity of 1%.

Contribute what you think is just, to create this loving sustainable Earth, for our children, grandchildren and all of the future generations that are to follow.

Our promise to you and future generations is that we will find the best and the brightest sustainable ideas and solutions among our teachers, scientists, environmentalists, researchers, investigative journalists, writers, webmasters, film and video makers, religious and spiritual leaders, photographers, musicians, artists, poets, and children from around our Earth. We will publish their ideas in text, pictures, audio and then video.

Nothing will stop us, for nothing is more important to do. The LOVEARTH Network will lovingly create the awareness for sustainability in the 1% so the truth may resonate out to the other 99%. Only then will the next generations have the same chance we have had to flourish on Earth. Only then will these next generations have the chance to pass on a sustainable Earth to their future generations, so they in turn may flourish forever in harmony.

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