Part IV

The Top 10 Things To Do To Spread
The Message And Create A Unity Of 1%

1) Please carefully read and fully understand Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction.
It states that the number one issue now facing humanity is the manmade ecological disaster of mass species extinctions that results from Rainforests Destruction. We will reach the point in
2012 - 2016 where only 10% Virgin Rainforests remain, leaving only 50% of Rainforests species.
We must not go past this natural threshold.

Rainforests is formatted for easy printing. 8 sides for the Text, 1 side each for the
Scale of Destruction table, plus comparative tables of 1 side each for Cities and Countries,
and 2 sides for Rainforests Variables and Math

2) Read the one page summary of Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction

3) Please use one of the following types of paper:
Kenaf, Hemp or 100% Post Consumer Recycled when printing.
For Kenaf, the most environmentally correct paper go to
For Hemp Paper go to or
For 100% Post Consumer paper use Domtar Sandpiper at

4) Give, send or E-mail copies to:
Family member(s) and / or Friend(s)
Local / National Newspaper(s) / Magazine(s)
Radio / TV talk show host(s)
Local / Environmental / Humanitarian / Educational / Religious / Scientific Group(s)
For your state Governor
Go to for any of the following politicians:

Congressperson / Both Senators / The Vice President / President

5) Post on Environmental / Humanitarian / Educational / Religious / Scientific / Kids
message boards and news groups.

6) Call into local and national Radio / TV talk show(s). Simply highlight the 2 or 3 significant points you found in reading Rainforests. Clearly mention the website where the study is on

7) Write your own brief letter or print out a copy of Rainforests and send to one or more of the 365 Top Earth Conscious Celebrities and get all of their snail mail addresses

8) Visit the LOVEARTH Network now with over 1000+ Websites

9) We seek eMail lists of all Earth conscious organizations and influential people.

10) eMail us your questions, suggestions or solutions to help spread the message and Create A Unity of 1% as quickly as possible. We will do our best to answer you within a day or two.
Tell a friend to read Rainforests.

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Pictures of Rainforests Beauty
Pictures of Rainforests Destruction

Countries Land Areas Destroyed Yearly
Cities Land Areas Destroyed Daily
Rainforests Variables And Math
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